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Hydrocele Surgery Cost in Kolkata

A Hydrocele is a type of swelling in the scrotum that occurs when fluid accumulates around the testicles. They are generally neither harmful nor painful.

They are most common in male infants but can also occur later at any age. Hydroceles eventually go away with time. Surgery is advised only if it persists for a long time.

Duration: 30 mins

Hospitalization: 0 days

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Hydrocele – Symptoms

  • Most often, the only sign of a Hydrocele is a painless swelling around the scrotum (the sac holding the testicles).
  • Adult men might experience heaviness around the swollen scrotum.
  • The swelling may reduce in size in the morning and grow larger later in the day.
  • At times, there may be redness or pain around the swelling.

Hydrocele – Causes

Some male babies are born with a Hydrocele. When babies develop in the womb, the testicles move from the baby’s abdomen to the scrotum. Sometimes the passage which allows this does not close completely, resulting in a Hydrocele.

The causes for adult Hydrocele may include –

  • A fluid leak from the abdomen into the scrotum
  • Blockage in the spermatic cord
  • Physical injury
  • An Inguinal hernia surgery
  • Inflammation of sac linings surrounding the testicles
  • An infection in the scrotum or testes

Hydrocele – Diagnosis

Hydroceles are usually diagnosed with a physical examination that might include the following –

  • The doctor may feel the testes for tenderness – If it is a Hydrocele, the doctor will not be able to feel the testicles because of the fluid filled in the sac.
  • Shining a light behind the testicles – In presence of fluid, light will be transmitted. However, if this swelling is cancerous, light will not pass through it.
  • Checking for Inguinal hernia by applying pressure to the abdomen and scrotum.

Additionally, your doctor may order blood tests, urine tests and an Ultrasound.

Hydrocele – Treatment

Generally, a Hydrocele clears up by itself. However, if they don’t disappear eventually after a long period, then surgery may be required.

In infants, an operation is not advised until they grow to 1-2 years of age.

In adults, if a Hydrocele lasts longer than 6 months, then a surgery or Aspiration procedure may be required.

  • Hydrocele removal surgery or Hydrocelectomy – An incision is made in the scrotum to remove the Hydrocele.
  • Aspiration method – A fine needle is inserted into the scrotum, towards the Hydrocele and all the fluid is drawn out using suction.

Hydrocele – Risks & Complications

If you leave a Hydrocele untreated, it can cause multiple complications including:

  • Rupture due to the fluid, if you have a large Hydrocele.
  • Infection of the fluid present in the Hydrocele, which can cause pus.

The aspiration procedure poses a higher risk of recurrence of swelling. There are no major risks associated with Hydrocele removal surgery or Hydrocelectomy.

Hydrocele – Pre Op Care

  • Avoid eating or drinking anything 6 hours before the scheduled time of surgery.
  • The skin in the abdominal and genital area may be shaved clean of hair.
  • You may be recommended an enema or laxative to clear bowels before surgery or the night before.
  • You may be prescribed antibiotics or painkillers before surgery.

Hydrocele – Post Op Care

  • You may use the prescribed medication to ease the pain.
  • You may apply ice packs for the first 24 hours.
  • Restrict strenuous activities.
  • Keep the site of the wound clean and dry.
  • Avoid bathing for a week.
  • You may have to wear a jockstrap for about 2-4 weeks to support the scrotum.
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Frequently Asked Questionss

Do babies require Hydrocele surgery?

No, in male infants, most often the Hydrocele resolves spontaneously. Only if the Hydrocele persists beyond 24 months of age, surgery is recommended.

What if a Hydrocele is left untreated in an adult?

If a moderate or large-sized adult Hydrocele is left untreated, it will enlarge and cause swelling, infection, or rupture of Hydrocele.

What are the risks of Hydrocele removal surgery or Hydrocelectomy?

Hydrocele removal surgery does not have any major risks. However, a large Hydrocele has a possibility of recurrence after surgery.

What is the recovery time after Hydrocelectomy surgery?

The swollen scrotum may heal within 2 weeks. However, you may need around 4 weeks for a full recovery.

How long will I have to stay in the hospital after a Hydrocele removal surgery?

You may usually be able to go home the same day after the surgery.

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