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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aroga Lifecare?

Aroga Lifecare is a patient education, doctor / hospital discovery and treatment facilitation platform. We recommend you doctors and hospitals based on multiple parameters relating to your specific healthcare needs and handhold you throughout your treatment process.

What are Aroga's services?

Aroga provides the following services to patients:

1. Discovery: We enable patients to discover the best rated and most trusted specialists and hospitals across the six focus specialties of laparoscopy, urology, gynaecology, proctology, orthopaedics and ENT.

2. Education: We strive to provide the latest information available on the patient's specific condition including the most relevant treatment options available for the patient which are both personalised to his healthcare needs and cost-effective.

3. Advisory: We map the patient's specific health problems and match those to the best specialists available based on his issue, budget and experience. Our process compares treatment prices, doctor experience, hospital offerings, success rates, location and his budget to decide on the best treatment available.

4. Facilitation: We handhold patients throughout your treatment journey by supporting patients in various forms. We make his relationship better with the specialist and the hospital and make his treatment process seamless and hassle-free.

Are Aroga hospitals COVID-19 safe?

All Aroga hospitals are completely safeguarded against COVID-19 and have all safety measures in place to keep the patients protected.

Can I choose the timings of my doctor appointment as per my convenience?

Yes, you can pick whatever time slot is best suited to you from the OPD timings of the doctor.

Are the Aroga network doctors experienced in their field of expertise?

Yes, Aroga doctors are highly experienced and specialised in their field. They are skilled and equipped to provide the patient with a complete diagnosis and treatment plan, for the best clinical outcome.

Do I have to pay an extra amount for my surgery if I book my appointment through Aroga?

No, Aroga provides standard surgery packages to their patients. This means you are not going to incur any extra cost for Aroga guaranteed convenience.

How can I book my appointment with a doctor?

We will coordinate with the hospital and the doctor on your behalf and book your consultation based on your preferred time and date and the doctor's availability.

Does Aroga own the hospitals it works with?

Aroga is an independent service provider. It does not own any of the hospitals it partners with.

How can I contact Aroga?

You can reach out to us in the following ways:

1. Call / SMS / Whatsapp us at +91 9903532108

2. Email us at